A recent source of travel inspiration for me was a documentary about the Peruvian Amazon and Sustainability.  "La Selva Tranquila" is directed by Christian Chapman, Paul Jason Hoffman and Cody Troyer of Resonator Films

Being shown at a local Library, I found myself there early and so I joined some people sitting outside. Turns out it was the Director, Christian Chapman, his father and assistant Director.

I came to the viewing to get an inside glimpse of deep into the Amazon, but what I left with was a renewed sense of adventure because of the personal stories that were told alongside the film. 

Fresh out of college, a group of young cinematographers headed on a plane to Iquitos  and let their story unfold. In the town, they networked, fully engaged and learned some Spanish.

Then they headed deep into the Amazon seeking out their story. Following a 3 and 1/2 months visit they faced the daunting mission of crafting their documentary from an abundance of raw footage.   

What inspired me was their passion, risk taking, openness to discovery and how they acclimated to the people and the environment. Their approach earned them perspective that might take others years to achieve.

Their film was beautiful as was the Amazon story that unfolded.   The precarious balance of surviving each day at the jungle’s expense is now top of mind by some of the dwellers who are working earnestly at minimizing their ecological footprint.

I left the viewing deeply inspired about everything they did, achieved and reported.  It made me new Sustainability insights and made reflect on how to further stretch my travel muscle.